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Retail Surveillance Systems Specialists since 1991


Retailing today is a tough business and store owners face many challenges. The most obvious of these are theft and inventory shrinkage which eat into the stores’ profits.

Retail surveillance using network video solutions such as IP cameras is an excellent weapon in the battle to protect your business. By deterring crime, it reduces losses and creates a safer environment for staff and customers.     

Whatever your business or your organization’s activity, the safety and security of your employees, customers and visitors is paramount. You need to manage threats on every level, from organized crime to a single disruptive individual.

Although analog surveillance systems are widely used for deterrence and detection, network (IP) video technology offers several major advantages. It delivers superior image quality which means you can follow more closely the details and changes in images, and opens the way for faster, better decisions. It is also easily scalable, enabling you to expand your security management over the IP network and move intelligence capabilities out to any number of network cameras. In these and many other ways, network video makes it possible to provide superior protection to people and property.


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